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bradw 05-29-03 07:27 AM

Trek 520 (2002/2003) what are the stock tires?
I've got a 520 on order at the LBS, and I'm trying to figure out what the stock tires are and if they need to be replaced. I'd like to save the LBS the hassle of mounting and removing tires several times while I make up my mind.

The Trek website says Bontrager Select 700x35, but I've seen some people indicate their 520 came with Select Inverts, or Invert Ks, etc.

The plain Select tires don't look very durable (they are listed as $10 tires on the Bontrager website) and the Select Inverts are OK (I have some on an MTB.)

So, if you have a Trek 520 from the 2002/2003 model year

1) what tires came stock
2) are they any good
3) or if you switched out: why and what did you get?

BTW, I'm thinking of replacing with Avocet Cross tires (maybe 700x32) if the Bontrager's aren't worthwhile.


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