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dty 04-01-07 04:43 PM

storing bikes in a car sedan?
Is the weight of the frame and the backwheel heavier than the fork,handlebar and front wheels? if u can only fit the back half in your open boot?

camflan 04-01-07 08:10 PM

I'm going to guess, yes. unless front wheels wasn't a typo.

apclassic9 04-01-07 08:19 PM

You could always take both wheels off.

Nicodemus 04-02-07 02:47 AM

I would bet the rear end's heavier - you have all that gearing there too.

East Hill 04-02-07 06:28 AM

If your car is that small, perhaps you should consider a folding bike?

Otherwise, the back half of the bike will be heavier due to the gears.

East Hill

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