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probable556 04-02-07 09:27 AM

Anyone unhappy with their Yakima King Cobra?
About to buy the entire system. It was easy to use on the store display and I couldn't find any useful info when I searched the forums. Anyone also use the Thule Sidearm?

East Hill 04-03-07 01:56 PM


Can anyone help?

East Hill

Rev.Chuck 04-03-07 05:12 PM

I used one for two years to haul a track bike and a stock trials bike. Never caused me any trouble. I don'r use it anymore because I switched to a Saris Cycle On.

Thor29 04-03-07 08:05 PM

My friend has a couple of King Cobras which we use all the time. No problems whatsoever. However, unless you have a bike with a weird fork (like the Cannondale Lefty) the best rack is the Thule V2. But if you insist on not having to remove the front wheel, the Cobra works fine.

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