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publicradiohead 04-02-07 12:22 PM

Giant Sedona or Trek SU100?
Been lurking all week end -- first post. Here is the choice: Giant Sedona for $220 or Trek SU100 for $340.

The person selling the Giant is telling me that many Trek's are re-labeled? Basically, the same bikes -- just different labels?

I plan on riding 4-5 times a week on city streets for fitness and errands. been looking primarily at hybrids and 'urban' bikes.

What ya'll think?

Little Darwin 04-02-07 12:40 PM

I ride a Sedona, and I have been happy with it. My guess is at that price the Sedona is an SL??? The one without a suspension fork, and a steel frame? The non-suspension fork is a postitive in my mind, since I enjoy the ride more now that I have gone rigid removing the suspension on my DX model.

However, I say give them both a good test ride, and buy the one you like best.

Personally, if I were choosing today, and it is at a similar price I would actually prefer the Giant Cypress, which is like the Sedona but with 700c wheels... and Trek's corresponding model, whatever that may be.

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