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biffstephens 04-03-07 08:20 AM

Selling a bike, complete or part out?
I am getting a new bike in a few weeks. I will be using some stuff off of my old bike for the new one but over the coming week I have collected more and more stuff for the new one. It looks like I will be very close to having 2 bikes. I am a very out with the old in with the new type of person so I am still not thinking about keeping the old bike. Should I add to it and sell it complete or part it out?? It has Campy stuff on it....carbon everywhere but the seatpost....and Campy Eurus wheels....

It is a Giant TCR Race frame...the ONCE edition but I took the stickers off long ago...

East Hill 04-03-07 01:55 PM

Conventional wisdom says that you will always get more parting out than selling complete. However, if you don't want to deal with the hassle of shipping one brake to Florida, a stem to Maine, a FD to Arizona--you may just want to price the old bike to sell and get it out of your life.

East Hill

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