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Gurgus 04-03-07 01:31 PM

Advice for group ride.

Anyone done this ride? I've signed up for the 75 km route and I'm kinda wondering if I should ride my fixed or my geared bike. Also, anyone have any tips about this ride?


East Hill 04-04-07 07:51 AM

Any of the Canadians out there done this ride? Or wannabe Canadians? Anyone got any helpful hints or tips for Gurgus?

East Hill

stapfam 04-04-07 02:43 PM

75 kms on a fixie- Unless it is flat- Take the geared bike.

Only suggestion for a ride like this is to have a good breakfast- take a couple of snacks with you and drink on the ride- then drink a bit more and then have another drink. If it is your first distance ride- you will not realise how much you have to drink so When you think about it- Have another drink- even if you have just had one.

It is better to sip- and sip and sip. take at least a bottle every hour and If hot- then up it to 2 bottles an hour.

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