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mechBgon 05-30-03 07:09 PM

How cool is THIS! Good customer service from NiteRider :)
So at midnight I checked my bank balance and saw that my paycheck had been auto-deposited. Yaaay! :)

Around 1AM or so, I remembered that one of the things I need is a new charger for my old ~1998 NiteRider NiteHawk... I stressed the cord on mine and it doesn't make contact unless I fuss with the cord.

So I shopped around to see what to expect, and all I saw was the $80 Microbrute charger for the newer-generation NR's. I went to NiteRider's site and couldn't find a plain-vanilla charger for my old system, so I filled in their email form asking if there was one. Mind you, this is something like 1:30AM.

I got to work this morning and found a reply, sent at 9:01AM:


Charger # 6039 will also work for your old NiteHawk system. I have just
added it to our website store.
Now THAT is what I call "customer service." :) How many companies will redesign their web store first thing in the morning, just to sell you a US$29 battery charger for a product they haven't made for about 3 or 4 years? :beer: Right on!

Kev 05-30-03 07:20 PM

$29 is not bad at all, they could really ream you on something like that if they wanted to.

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