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Rosie8 05-03-07 11:41 PM

Mark down prices on 2006 models
When bike shopping, does it matter what year the bike is? If it is a 2006 model do you still pay full price or does the LBS mark down older models when the '07 bikes come in? I am curious since I'm still having problems finding a bike. If I found a bike from a previous year, what price should I be checking?

blake711 05-04-07 10:17 AM

It depends on your location and amount of shops mainly. Here in the Tulsa OK area. Its common to see bikes up to 30% off for a new last years modle. Their are still quite a few around town as of last weekend.


v1k1ng1001 05-05-07 09:32 PM

Depends on the shop/market, but usually the older models will be marked down. I wouldn't be afraid to ask for a better deal on an older model.

edp773 05-05-07 09:49 PM

As mentioned, it depends upon the shop. I just purchased a 2006 GF Waho for $70 off two weeks ago. I am more than pleased with the price.

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