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late 06-20-03 07:24 PM

The Grey (helps if you watched Babylon 5)

cyclingshane73 06-20-03 07:36 PM

I just call mine "Stiffee". That's the factory name and it suits it.

I'm building up a Stinky Dee-Lux right now, which I will probably just call, "Stinky".

Not very original I know (sighs).

khuon 06-20-03 07:59 PM

Originally posted by late
The Grey (helps if you watched Babylon 5)
Do you have one called Candle and another called Star to position it in between? :D

bentbaggerlen 06-20-03 08:32 PM

Out of all of my bikes only the tandems have been given names.
The touring tandem has been given the title of Roller-coaster-o-love. Sappy, eh? The remake of the song done by the Red Hot Chilly Pepper's was playing at the shop when I was building it up.
The off road tandem is a purple Cannondale called "Martial Aid" It has custom cut hot pink decals with its name on the down tube. The last year I went to the mountain bike festival in Randolph VT. (before they moved it to a ski area) I gave out a few T-shirts to stokers, purple with pink lettering, that read "I rode the big purple martial aid" A friend had made them up for me as a joke, but the shirts wear very popular.

WorldIRC 06-21-03 12:46 AM

Concorde - Clarissa
Colnago - Sexy Shirley

trmcgeehan 06-21-03 02:33 AM

Every cyclist should give their bike a name, because bikes do have a soul. There was an excellent article about the spiritual side of bikes in Bicycling Magazine a few years ago.

pauncho 06-21-03 06:31 AM

GT Jetstream is Dorothy

RANS Stratus is Lillian

georgeupstairs 06-21-03 12:10 PM

I have an old single speed Triumph of indeterminate antiquity. My next-door neighbour had put it out for the binmen. New tyres, new tubes, new brake blocks and some cleaning later, it goes well...adequately. It was christened 'Stig' (as in Stig of the Dump') by a colleague at work.

See a picture of it at

Literary reference:

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