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cyclinrunt 06-17-03 11:28 AM

Does your bike have a name?
I've got a new bike, and I'm wondering how many of you name your bike, and, if so, what?

She is just so much more than a bicycle.

Raiyn 06-17-03 11:31 AM

Do a search

doonster 06-17-03 12:55 PM

Always refer to mine without gender (it) and by type only (the road bike, SS, hardtail etc etc). Quite frankly I think naming inanimate objects like that is pretty daft - just my opinion. Only inanimate objects that should get proper names are boats.

Portent 06-17-03 01:16 PM

Although I have no name (and don't plan to) for my bike I know where your coming from.

Doonster, a bit of contradiction don't you think.

Maelstrom 06-17-03 01:17 PM

Mine is Kona Roast....:).. I don't name things..

foehn 06-17-03 01:40 PM

For some reason I have started calling my bike "Trusty Steed". I guess it's probably as close as I'll ever get to owning a real horse.

khuon 06-17-03 03:26 PM

Originally posted by doonster
Only inanimate objects that should get proper names are boats.
And trains... and planes... and tanks... and computers... and err... monster trucks...

Scooby Snax 06-17-03 03:54 PM

I have to say that naming a bike is um, less strange than naming a monster truck. as several identical monster trucks have the same name, like a franchise.

Mine's officially Emma.


hillyman 06-17-03 04:17 PM

My hybrid is the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper:D

NZLcyclist 06-17-03 04:36 PM

I don't have a name for mine, occassionally it gets called my baby, but more than anything it's put a name on me! The local school team has started calling me King Apollo :D after my bike...... I have one of the heaviest bikes there, and am one of the fastest riders :D:D:D


mechBgon 06-17-03 07:35 PM

"Trouble?" :)

Mine don't have names. Some of my computers have names, though... Turbo II, for example. That's my self-owned work computer... my home computer is named "Trash" :)

dumpstervegan 06-17-03 07:57 PM

My bike is named TANK because she came second-hand with stickers on her that said "ONE LESS TANK" and she also weighs about as much as a tank does... Lugged steel baby! My BMX is named Veronica, christened by someone else who passed her onto me...

trmcgeehan 06-18-03 01:10 AM

I call my trusty 1979 Univega "Pancho," because I once rode it in a 125 mile race from Mexicalli to San Felipe in Baja California.

DanFromDetroit 06-18-03 07:40 AM

My current bike does not have a name; however; I called last year's winter commuter lots of names, none of which are repeatable in a polite and respectable place like this.


legstrong 06-18-03 10:05 PM

have not named my bicycle yet, the bike makes me free, happy, easy, and convenient. i might call my bike a 'happy deer '.

Rowan 06-18-03 11:14 PM

Depends. If I really need to get somewhere and the bike (doesn't matter which one) is playing hard to handle, it gets called "darling" or "sweetheart", as in "come on now, sweetheart, just work with me".

Things change very rapidly if it looks like we don't agree on something. But this a family site so I won't go into detail.

Otherwise it is the Fuji, the Merida, the Apollo, the Peugeot, or the tandem (a no-name ex-hire job that has been rebuilt).


Dannihilator 06-18-03 11:34 PM

My workhorse of a bike is named Demon Child.

Inoplanetyanin 06-18-03 11:47 PM

the name of it is "that stupid thing...." usually with next phrase "broke again". ;)

ZackJones 06-19-03 06:16 AM

Just named mine this morning on the ride to work. "Victory" is its name. On my bike I've achived several victories this year: shedding 20+ pounds from my body, consecutive 300+ mile months of rides, etc.


lotek 06-19-03 09:00 AM

well I guess I go against the concensus here:

My Serotta is named Nova Special
My Trek is named 670 (strange name).



cyclinrunt 06-20-03 08:10 AM

Thanks for sharing! So far, it has just been "sweetie", until such time (if ever) inspiration strikes. My other bike is also a Trek, go I can't say "the Trek", and it is odd to call it by a number, and I do have feelings for her.....

diamondback 06-20-03 09:27 AM

I asked it but it didn't respond.

~LongRider~ 06-20-03 11:40 AM

Im not big on naming iron. It would be "the bike". :laughing

Gojohnnygo. 06-20-03 11:57 AM

My new Trek 2200 is called T2. I just wish Trek could put real names on there bikes.
Come on Trek put some personality into your hard work!!!:(

Colonel 06-20-03 07:21 PM

Mine gets all sorts of names, depending on just how much I am hurting at the time......

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