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chrisk 06-18-03 03:06 PM

What do you do for a living?
I know there's been threads about what kind of bikes you have, cars you drive, type of riding you do...etc. So i figured I'd ask this - what kind of job do you have or what school (college) are you going to and for what?

As for me, starting this fall I'll be at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ studying Mechanical Engineering. After that it would be my guess that I'd be an engineer (duh!).

msparks 06-18-03 03:15 PM

I have my own business as a lubrication consultant and sales person.

I sell synthetic lubes greases and such.

Also work sales for another company as well.

Da Tinker 06-18-03 03:18 PM

I work for a large oil-field service company as area radiation & explosive safety officer. Also anything else they point me at, like teaching driving safety and testing rehydration products.

Aemon_ 06-18-03 03:21 PM

i'm in web design/development, and general IT support. going back to school this fall after a short break. going for Information Technology.


Joe Gardner 06-18-03 03:23 PM

Microsoft customer service & webmaster of this site and a few others.

SipperPhoto 06-18-03 03:42 PM

I'm a photographer... I do mainly product photography as my day job, and work with my wife (also a photographer) on the weekends shooting weddings, and portraits and such... you can see my work at <---my site

and <---my day job site.. go and buy some gear :-)


Jersey Girl 06-18-03 04:12 PM

I am a licensed Architectural Engineer designing HVAC systems mainly for pharmaceutical laboratories.

I also have my own small business making and selling miniature furniture (laugh if you will). Funny I ALWAYS hated dolls/dollhouses as a kid, yet I enjoy making the furniture now. :D

k2bikerider 06-18-03 04:43 PM

I'm a Systems Administrator (W2K Servers & Domains) for Lucent Technologies.

Guest 06-18-03 05:01 PM

Aerobics instructor.

Rowan 06-18-03 05:09 PM

Bicycle organisation administrator (tough full-time job, but someone's got to do it).

L Lortami 06-18-03 05:10 PM

i work for the nyc sewer department.

joeprim 06-18-03 05:11 PM

This has been a fairly common thread.

I'm still an engineer supporting the US Navy.

Is Ellie still around?


joeprim 06-18-03 05:13 PM

Hey L Lortami

Start a thread on the wierd animals you see in the sewer!


Repp5 06-18-03 05:37 PM

I own a little tiny manufacturing company. Hope to get an MBA and get in to venture capital.

caloso 06-18-03 05:42 PM

I'm a lawyer for a state agency.

stokell 06-18-03 05:44 PM

I am a college teacher. As year around bike commuter, I bike 6000 km a year.

MKRG 06-18-03 05:50 PM

Right now I'm a mooch...but I have an interview next week for an ISO Administrator/QA Chemist position and I've been "invited" to apply for a position doing what I did in a previous life which is...formulate household cleaning products! I'm so looking forward to making my contribution to making the rest of your lives just a little bit cleaner...funny thing about it is, I'm a slob and I hate cleaning.

slotibartfast 06-18-03 07:28 PM

Department manager with a national retail "loser."

mechBgon 06-18-03 07:33 PM

I'm a computer/network guy at a non-profit agency. Before that, I was a bicycle mechanic for quite a while.

Prosody 06-18-03 07:42 PM

Creative writing teacher, English department head, ne'er-do-well.

dumpstervegan 06-18-03 07:54 PM

I'm a student, Geography major with a Geographic Information Science focus. Which means if I do what I'm being trained for I'll sit behind a desk staring at a computer monitor all day for not much money.

So after college (summer 2004 and on) I'm planning on getting a job as a courier.

I honestly don't see what could be better than riding my bike all day for money. Unless I spontaneously grew enormous leg muscles and an unparalleled cardiovascular system in which case look for me leading Le Tour next year!

lostinthewoods 06-18-03 08:01 PM

I am a software engineer. and then some. Just work too much

RunYun 06-18-03 08:22 PM

I'm a Mechanical Engineer by education, but I am working as an Area Manager for a major steel company.

DnvrFox 06-18-03 08:25 PM

Middle school math teacher, formerly: CEO of a non-profit, financial planner, consultant, Proprietary school administrator, college administrator, college teacher, elementary teacher, US Air Force Squadron Commander, forest ranger, fire lookout - good Lord, what am I going to be when I grow up?

locole 06-18-03 08:28 PM

I am a branch manager of a Financial Services Company, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and one class away from being a Certified General Accountant (CGA).

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