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Joe Gardner 06-18-03 10:48 PM

Needed: graphics & html guru.
I need somebody to design a few dozen or so banners and buttons for a new site. They need to look and perform great (high CTR).

I also need somebody to help design some basic auction templates and a design for a data-feed. (5 auction templates, 3 data-feed designs)

Pay: $150 - $200 for the graphics, $50 for the html work. I can pay via Pay Pal.

For more info, PM me. If interested, PM me with a link to your portfolio, or reply with an attachment of your work.

Thanks all! :)

Guest 06-18-03 11:00 PM

I'll contact my brother's friend tomorrow. He's geekier than you, and he will be interested (unless he's busy with the school work, I'll check on him and see).

Joe Gardner 06-18-03 11:01 PM

Cool, thanks :)

Joe Gardner 06-19-03 11:34 AM

Anyone else interested? :)

yikes 06-20-03 03:02 PM

I can't help you out but try posting something at Graphic Forums Job and Barter Section ( You might be able to get a few offers there. I used to post there a lot but not anymore.

Joe Gardner 06-20-03 03:04 PM

Thanks for the link Yikes, I'll look into it.

yikes 06-20-03 03:13 PM

No Prob. The guys and gals over there are pretty cool, but definately not as cool as the BFers

Joe Gardner 06-20-03 09:01 PM

Thanks all, I was able to find somebody to do everything I needed. I'll PM thoes who contacted me if i have future work! :)

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