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ladyhawk 06-19-03 06:46 AM

Bike worth?
Hey all, I'm hoping that I can enlist some help.

I went to one of the LBS in town yesterday, hoping to negotiate the purchase of a new road/tri bike, with the trade-in of my current road bike, and a new mountain bike that I won.

Since the road bike is worth far more (I thought) that the mountain, I described it to him, and was very disappointed to hear that he thought I paid much more than its worth.

I bought the bike secondhand, only this Spring, based on a glowing recommendation from other more experienced cyclists who were with me.

I'd appreciate what others thought. Please keep in mind that I'm REALLY new to any kind of cycling, let alone road stuff.

It's a Cannondale 500 Silk Road frame, with mixed components:

105 rear derailleur, crankset (double),

Tiagra hubs, front derailleur (likely, since I can't find the 105 symbol on it), shifters

Cinelli handlebars,

and the rest of the components are non-descript, because I can't find the manufacturer name.

I'm in Canada too. Not sure if that makes any kind of difference as far as resale goes (aside from currency paid).


Hunter 06-19-03 07:55 AM

Not knowing the age of this bike if it is last years frame and at least 2002 components I would say $200 u.s.

closetbiker 06-19-03 08:16 AM

I did a google and it looks like they didn't make them past 1999. The suggested retail was $1300. The component group was RSX, so the 105 would have been a replacement. Cannondale uses CODA handlebars, so the Cinelli would be a replacement too.

There were none for sale on e-bay. Anything used usually goes for half price even if it's in top shape and I'd have to wonder about that fork shock. If anything needs replacing with it, could you get parts?

brad 06-19-03 08:45 AM

Hey Hunter, I see you are an LBS guy. I'm in Texas, what shop are you, I'll try to throw some $$ your way when I can.

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