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Howdy folks. Just thought I'd drop a quick note on some new sports drink that is working pretty well for us.

I'm not very picky when it comes to sports drinks. What ever is on sale would be my favorite for the day. However, my wife/stoker has a hard time digesting most sports drinks. No matter how strong or weak we'd mix it, it just sits in her tummy, leaving her bloated and dehydrated by the end of the ride. So, she's always just used water and Hammer gel as that's all she could handle.

We stumbled across a sports drink called "Hammer Gel's Sustained Energy". It comes in powder form with enough to mix 8 servings. It costs around 20 bucks, a bit pricey. It's well worth it though as this is the first sports drink that I can truely tell makes a difference, a big difference. So if that's out of your price range just use it for special events like races, or tours. We've started using it on all club rides, tours or when we do a rally, anytime we know we're going to be going for extended periods at a higher pace than comfortable cruising. According to the serving suggestions it's recomended for training or competition of more than 90 min.

You can even add it to your regular sports drink, both at regular strenth. The taste is kind of "cream of wheat" like. So I mix mine with what ever I might have to give it some flavor. My wife just uses it straight as she doesnt mind the slight grit and flavor at all.

Bottom line is if you use it once, you'll want to use it on at least all your hard rides.

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20 bucks! Man, I'll stick with the gatorade. If it ever goes on sale, let me know, I'll pick up some of it and give it a try.

Thanks for the tip, though.

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Yes, it is steep. That's why we only use it (we're a tandem team) when we do 100k's and up at a fast pace. It's too expensive to use as an everyday/everyride thing.

Like all nutritionals you should try it out b/4 using it during compitition but, if you use it just as a compitition supplement it's not too expensive.

( we only ride tours/far and fast/rallies 2-3 times a month so, I dont mind spending 20.00 every other month on it).
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the thing about the sustained energy drink is its more for
rides like a century, where you need slow sustained energy,
not quick bursts like a crit etc.
I'm very impressed with the hammer product. I especially
like the endurolyte caps.
A friend had horrible cramping problems, wrote to hammer
got put on a plan using the endurocaps (or whatever they're
called), and last year rode HHH without problems.

My thought on the price, its not an electrolye replacement
like gatorade, powerade, accelerade etc. Its more like
a drinkable, long lasting Gu (or name your favourite gel).
If you think about it in those terms its alot less expensive than
20 bucks for 8 servings.

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I went to the web site to try and find the ingredient list. I did not find it but they have a "technical section". This stated it contains maltodextrin in three different DE forms.

If you look at the ingredients on any product like GU, the main ingredient is maltodextrin.

My point is you can buy maltodextrin at a health food store and make your own power gels. You can save ALOT of money get very similar results.
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