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NZLcyclist 06-20-03 01:38 AM

-3 posts?!?!?!
Why does it tell me that everyone has -3 posts?!?! anyone else getting this?


NZLcyclist 06-20-03 01:42 AM

I see in another thread that Joe knows of the issue. Are you certain you are not suffering from a mystery virus or hacking attempt, Joe?


Chris L 06-20-03 02:04 AM

I've only just logged on for the first time today, so I haven't seen the other thread as yet. I'd say Joe might be getting a bit sick of all of the "post-count" threads/posts in the lounge. I have to say I agree with him.

Maelstrom 06-20-03 02:09 AM

We are having post count threads...haha....thats funny I didn't think (was hoping) that type of thing wouldn't affect a board like this. :)

Ba-Dg-Er 06-20-03 02:10 AM

Check the 2 Grand thread .... it's Joe playing around. It was at zero earlier .... ignore it, these are the most meaningful post counts I have seen since becoming a member.

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