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thomas ison 06-20-03 10:02 AM

i am currently thinking about buying a new pair of wheels but i need some opinions on which wheels to you know any reasonable priced good wheels?

lotek 06-20-03 10:19 AM


Firstly, welcome to BikeForums, hope you stick around its
a pretty friendly place.
Can you be a bit more specific as to what kind of wheel
you are looking for? Downhill? Roadie? Heavy Touring?
Without knowing the type of riding you are planning to do
it makes it difficult at best to make any recommendation.


thomas ison 06-20-03 10:40 AM

i am looking for some wheels that i can use for road races and time trials but i don't really want to be spending a fortune on them.

Crack'n'fail 06-20-03 10:51 AM

I have the Mavic Cosmos, a nice blend of affordability and performance.

The Toninator 06-20-03 11:21 AM

ultegra on open pro's $200

roadbuzz 06-20-03 06:44 PM

my $0.02, since I have a pair of each:
Ultegra on OPs, 32 spoke (butted), 3x build. Durable, reasonably lightweight, easy to maintain, great for training, good enough to race.

Mavic Cosmos: Not a lot of experience, I've got maybe 600 miles on mine. I got a pair after harping forever on the benefits of Ultegra or DA on OPs in other threads. :o They're durable, about the same weight as Ultegra on OPs, a few less spokes. I can't really tell a difference in spoke wind resistance "at speed." But I've never really tried to measure it. From what I've read, they are durable enough to train on and race with (the rim is basically an OP). The hubs have more friction than my Ultegras, but again, I don't notice it. A pair will cost about $100 more than Ultegra/OPs.

I guess for the money vs. benefits, I'd go with the the Ultegra/OPs.

late 06-20-03 07:46 PM

read through the old posts here. You can use the search function to find comments on various rims. I am intrigued by the Torelli Master rims. I keep hearing good things about them, and they will save you some bucks over the Open Pros. Depends on your budget, the weight difference between the Master and the OP is about an ounce for both rims. If you need to save a couple bucks more, go with the 105 hubs.

Flaneur 06-21-03 10:04 AM

get the Websters in Leicester to quote you for a pair at the price you can afford. Stick with plenty of spokes- 36, maybe 32 if you are light. Hand built beats cheap aero anytime. Don't worry about basic spoked wheels not being competitive: if you're fit, you'll be passing guys with beer bellies on 1500 bikes all morning. ;)

orguasch 06-21-03 05:27 PM

race ready wheel set, and still cheap, I would recomend the Mavic Cosmic Elite, but if you want a real good racing wheels, buy the Ksyrium

Kev 06-21-03 05:46 PM

I think it would come down to what is your price range.. a fortune is different to different people. THe Mavic Ksyrium would be a excellent wheelset for your needs they are $372 at Totalcycling, or the SSC for $632 if you can spend that much.

froze 06-22-03 01:27 AM

Late is right; I use and brag about the quality of the Torelli's, I have the Master Series rims that weigh 425 grams are double walled and use double eyelits just like the Mavic Open Pros but cost only $39 each. I use a 36 hole rim for durablity, but for racing you could go 32. I use DT Revolution spokes in the front and DT Competition in the rear (brass nipples) and neither wheel rarely goes out of true even just a tad and my streets where I live are rough! I now have over 30,000 miles on these rims and they are just fine; whereas the Mavics I had before did not last as long and I had to true them more often (one died when I hit a railroad crossing and cracked the weld so I got new rims all around).

As an option you could also use Sun Assault rims, they too are double walled and double eyelited and weigh about 430 grams, but these rims are more aero design then the Torelli's and look like the Mavic CXP-33 but cheaper and lighter.

Also, you could use Sapim bladed CX-Ray spokes for more aero effects and they are made for round holed hubs, but use their Polyax nipples if you go this route.

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