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How many pastors on the forum?

Old 05-25-07, 06:51 AM
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How many pastors on the forum?

I just read a thread in which forum members were trying to get a response from Pastor Bob. How many pastors participate in the Bike Forums? I know there is someone here by the screen name of Rev. Chuck, but something in his posts makes me wonder is he is really a pastor.

Given that being a pastor means the work is never done and whatever you are doing should have been done yesterday, at least; when and how do you manage to find time to ride?

How do you handle "chocolate season" when parishoners give you cookies and candy (Christmas, Easter, birthday)? Do you eat it all yourself? Do you quietly give it to someone else? I do well at becoming "clyde free" until chocolate season hits, then I regress.

I am 61 years old. I was ordained in the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod in 1972. I have had some places of service where I could incorporate a little bicycle commuting or recreational riding into my daily work activities. In other places it has been more difficult. Where and when I did not cycle regularly, I progressed downward toward my present status as a recovering clydesdale. Finally, last summer I decided I would simply take time to ride, no matter how busy I thought I was or how guilty I felt about all of the things not yet done. I am managing about 85 miles a week most weeks. There have been no repercussions from people in the congregation so far. I find I am mentally sharper and have more energy. It also clears my mind and is good for my mental outlook. And, after another 8.5 pounds I will no longer be a clyde. A year ago I was 16 pounds deeper into clydedom.

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Id suggest share! My girlfriend is a teacher and faces similar problems with unhealthy gifts. She shares with the rest of the staff. I dont think the giver of the gift treats would mind too much. They probably dont know how much junk food turns up in the season.

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Being a pastor is a full life commitment to service, which occupies all your time whether driving a car or riding a bike. I have found after a stressful day at work, the hard physical activity of a bike ride is also a great time for mental recovery. Take this time for quiet communication with god. The more you ride the less you have to worry about your consumption of beer and chocolates. Best wishes.
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Definitely share the chocolates. My mother used to be a teacher... if she ate all the chocolates given to her all by herself, she probably would've developed diabetes and died by now. And before that all her teeth would have rotted away.
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Not a pastor, but I have degrees in Biblical Language & Biblical Studies. Chocolate season is managable, since friends at work & church lean more to jams & jellies than candies, cakes & cookies. I'm 67 this year & retired. I commuted year around off & on since the 60's, its the easiest way to find time for a daily ride. I also found daily rides keep me fit & alert mentally but it is more difficult without the obligation to get to work every day. Don
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Originally Posted by chipcom

HAH! I thought you looked familiar!
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