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mikewhite314 06-02-07 04:30 PM

how do you deal with glasses?
how do those of you who have to wear glasses deal with them if you want to wear sunglasses? are there any good sunglasses that fit around eyeglasses, or do you just wear clip-ons or have prescription sunglasses?

bkaapcke 06-02-07 04:45 PM

'Scrip shades are the only way to go. You just have to be careful with them. If you got vision plan, you can get a new pair every other year. Get new regular ones in the tween years. bk

apclassic9 06-02-07 05:31 PM

or get the shades that clip on to your glasses - they don't work on all glasses, though.

spinnaker 06-02-07 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by mikewhite314
how do those of you who have to wear glasses deal with them if you want to wear sunglasses? are there any good sunglasses that fit around eyeglasses, or do you just wear clip-ons or have prescription sunglasses?

I am not sure if I could stand wearing my prescription glasses while riding. Buy a pair of contact lenses.

Pick yourself up a shift key while you are at it. :)

dekindy 06-02-07 06:19 PM

I use Adidas Gazelle's with prescription inserts. Much more durable and lenses protect eyes better than glasses.

Nycycle 06-02-07 06:23 PM

I wear Bifolcals, but I don't need em to play outside, on a bike, so I got this pair of single vision very dark sporty looking sunglasses for like free with purchase of bifocals pair, I had the same ones for 7 or 8 years now. They are so dark I can look at the chicks and not get caught,,,,,,,I only like to look at the ones on bikes though.

derath 06-02-07 06:31 PM

Prescription sunglasses.

Not cheap, but cheaper than Lasik (which I couldn't get anyhow)


Doug5150 06-02-07 07:02 PM

I got some $18 ones at Wal-Mart that fit over, work just fine, except that my favored eyeglass-mirror doesn't fit quite right then... -but then--the eyeglass mirror only fits on wire-frame glasses, and it only is positioned correctly if it's near the front of the temples--so any sort of wrap-around sunglasses wouldn't work with it at all.
Certainly not most "fashion"-style sunglasses I've seen.
And any sort of non-wrap-around sunglasses are fairly useless IMO.

Dogbait 06-02-07 07:08 PM

I wear progressive lenses and have a pair of prescription polaroid sunglasses... expensive but worth it, IMO.

Allen 06-02-07 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by mikewhite314
or do you just wear clip-ons or have prescription sunglasses?

Yes and yes.

Lecterman 06-02-07 07:42 PM

You can always get these sunglasses that every driver over 70 seems to wear:

skiahh 06-02-07 07:45 PM

I got laser surgery.

RussB 06-02-07 07:53 PM

I got a nice pair of wrap-around prescription sunglasses I got at Pearl Vision about 4 years ago. I just get the lenses changed when my script changes

wabbit 06-02-07 08:51 PM

there are options: get contacts and wear regular sunglasses (like I do)
get your eyes lasered
prescrip sunglasses

PhattTyre 06-02-07 08:55 PM

At -9.25 I don't have a choice with glasses, I gotta wear them. I have "transitions" lenses that adjust to light and dark. They're UV activated, so they can be a bit much on cloudy days. Overall they work great on or off road. Before I got these I had prescription sunglasses. After a few years or wearing glasses you get enough extra frames to just have tinted lenses put in old frames.

Tom Bombadil 06-03-07 09:22 PM

You can get perscription sunglasses in common sizes from some of the on-line eyeglass discounters for around $40-$50, including the frame. Most of those places do a good job matching your prescription correctly.

I've bought clip-ons that were a good fit for my glasses (size & shape) off of eBay for $5.

moleman76 06-04-07 12:49 AM

Google for "prescription cycling glasses" or " . . . sunglasses".

You'll find two general types: two-part, with outer part tinted and an interior (closer to your eyes) holder/insert for the prescription lenses, and one-piece, with the wrap-around lens made to suit your prescription.

Not all prescriptions can be handled.

The two-part may have an added benefit of being able to change the tint color by swapping the outer lenses.

Or, contacts & glasses.

djSlvt 06-04-07 09:18 AM

Whatever the route you taking avoid the BCG's. Birth control glasses, look. It makes you unattractive on purpose to females, and instigates drivers to direct their anger at a nerd.

Hot tank top that shows your muscles and massive shoulders, along with some regular cool looking sun glasses, but only when needed. Perhaps you should get contacts.

ellenDSD 06-04-07 09:31 AM

I just got some script-sunglasses.

Wore contacts for years with no problems but now, every time I try my eyes rebel. Feels like the lenses are squeezing my eyeballs.

aadhils 06-04-07 09:38 AM

I don't wear sun glasses ...

SaiKaiTai 06-04-07 10:02 AM

I also wear Transition progressives and they work great. They have the added plus of coming with magnetic clip-on shades when I really need it. I also have an old pair of single vision prescription shades that I usually... that I usually wear. I don't worry about them getting trashed whereas I'd be lost without my progressives.

avmanansala 06-04-07 10:09 AM

Contacts and sunglasses (typically Maui Jim's).

cc_rider 06-04-07 10:19 AM

Clip-on and flip-up.
The flip-up was hard to find. Magnetics and rimhooks seem to be in fashion, but you can't get them out of the way quickly. Almost useless.
Finally found what I wanted at Walgreens. About $16 for the polarized ones.

SonataInFSharp 06-04-07 11:11 AM

I wear prescription sunglasses that wrap around my face.

neilfein 06-04-07 11:30 AM

Used to wear magnetic-clipons over my (very light) prescription glasses, bu I always worry they'll fall off since the magnet is old. I ordered safety glasses and sunglasses, although I have my eye on the Wiley X SG-1 goddles with interchangable lenses. So expensive, though!

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