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djSlvt 06-02-07 07:32 PM

Riding with pants
Do I have to get shorts? I like pants. Is there anything special about riding in pants? Such as the chain?

Michigander 06-02-07 07:47 PM

I wear pants when I ride in the winter. Just roll up the pant leg by the drive train.

EJ123 06-02-07 07:48 PM

Pants feel too tight below the belt. I like abercrombies cargo shorts, but I wonder what the oakley MTB shorts and pants are like.

VegaVixen 06-02-07 07:54 PM

Hen. PI Sugar Shorts. :D

c0urt 06-02-07 08:41 PM

except for fast days and group rides, i ride in jeans.

granted all my jeans have a hole where the crank arm is rubbing thru them. i dont mind really

mtnbk3000 06-02-07 08:43 PM

i wear pants when its cold enough, i really like biking in jeans, but i have a bashguard so if the jeans aren't baggy it won't rip whereaqs without a bashguard you would need to tie up the pants not to rip them. otherwise i ride in camo cargo pants, because they don't show any dirt, and they are tough and thick to stop the pain when i fall

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