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oldokie 06-03-07 06:11 PM

Bikes on rear car rack - keeping from bumping together?
Any good tricks out there for keeping multiple bikes on a rear rack from banging together when driving? I thought I might find some type of frame clamp to maintain some seperation but have not been able to find any such item. I have some ideas I am going to experiment with but if anyone has any good solutions, I would like to hear them.

Stacey 06-03-07 06:18 PM

Notch the ends of a 2x4 to use as a spacer and use a bungee to hold the frames fast.

Velo Dog 06-03-07 09:52 PM

I never did find a way to keep them from bumping, but you can buy foam pipe insulation at someplace like Home Depot for a couple of bucks and cut it into lengths to pad the places that touch. Zip ties, string or strips of duct tape will hold them on.

free_pizza 06-03-07 10:59 PM

i just use a ripped up old t-shirt and some bungees.

Torgrot 06-04-07 04:38 AM

I bought a better carrier. It has straps for holding the bikes stationary and I throw a couple of bungies around to keep the tires from spinning and the forks from twisting. It is a bones.


Little Darwin 06-04-07 05:38 AM

I use foam pool "noodles" from *Mart... Cut in half I have 2 for each toy.... For real cheap (as I recall $2). Similar to pipe insulation mentioned earlier.

Then bungee together. I use large bungees between the rear rim and front rim wrapped around the upright support of my hitch rack to stop excessive swinging of the bikes and headsets.

I find that the padding seems to do the job well if held in place sort of in-line with the upright support on my rack... so in other words vertical in between the two arms of the rack.

They also had a flat style I bought (about 3/4 " thick and 6") wide that I thought would be good, and it works well, but doesn't do any more than the noodles if positioned properly and are marginally harder to handle.

Retro Grouch 06-04-07 06:28 AM

That's the thing that I like least about car racks that require you to hang the bikes by the top tube. There is actually a product that's designed to spacer the bikes apart, but they're expensive and you can do the same thing by using a few of car wash sized sponges.

apclassic9 06-04-07 06:39 AM

what Little Darwin said. Noodles are really cheap!

zowie 06-04-07 07:30 AM

The Thule truck rack I have has a piece with a strap that hangs down from the horizontal bars you put the bike on. You strap the extra piece to your seat tube or down tube and it prevents the bikes from swaying. Works great. Even if you only put on one bike it stays still in all plains when you're driving.

SonataInFSharp 06-04-07 11:24 AM

I lock my bikes to the rack and strategically position the cable lock and/or U-locks to hold the bikes in place.

free_pizza 06-04-07 12:39 PM

dang, pipe insulation and those pool noodle dealeys... thats genius!

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