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garysol1 06-03-07 06:34 PM

Long easy ride trip
Ok.....Looks like my son who is 12 years old and myself are going to have a few days together....just him and I. I am looking for a place within a day's drive from Memphis that has something along the lines of a rails to trails or maybe just a really nice easy bike route for him and I to enjoy riding together. We can bring mountain bikes, road bikes or even our tandem so all idea's are welcome. Not looking for an urban ride but something either deep in the trees or by the water would be perfect.

Allen 06-03-07 08:06 PM
Callaway Gardens maybe? They have miles of smooth bike friendly roads, and bunches of other things going on.
It's deep in the trees and they have ponds and streams everywhere. Plus they are near Warm Springs, GA, and the Little White House.

{edit** wait you are in Memphis, I was thinking Chattanooga, makes for a long drive.

garysol1 06-03-07 08:16 PM

Callaway Gardens maybe? /QUOTE]

Looks nice...Thanks for the idea. I also found a nice "trail" in south Mississippi called Longleaf Trace. Anyone been there before?

kknh3 06-04-07 04:15 AM

The KATY trail begins in St. Louis, actually St. Charles, which is a suburb of St. Louis. It's 225 miles from St. Charles to Clinton, MO where it ends. The KATY is a rails-to-trails. It runs along the Missouri River in places, and there are several side trails of various types along the way.

Torgrot 06-04-07 04:35 AM

My wife and I rode it this spring. It was a beautiful trail. Some mild elevation changes and at that time all of the trees and flowers were in full bloom. We had temps in the mid 70s, but they were urging the locals to get out and enjoy now before it became a mosquito infested steam bath. So I don't know how comfortable it would be now. I honestly think that it was one of the best maintained trails I have ever been on. Chilled water every 10-15 miles:) and permanent restroom facilities:D . There really isn't much to do on the trail however. We had difficulty finding places to eat within a reasonable ride from the trail.


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