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BoilermakerFan 06-04-07 09:53 AM

Travel case for helmets? Pedal recommendations for travelling...
OK, this may sound like an odd set of questions.

I travel throughout the U.S. on business and I try to rent bikes from local shops to ride when I can. I ride both MTB cross-country and road, so I'm looking for a helmet hard-sided travel case and a good pair of clipless pedals to bring with me when I fly. I don't want terribly expensive pedals and I'm leaning towards the lower cost Crank Brothers Candy line.

My plan is to ask the LBS to put my pedals on the rental bike when I pick it up and take them off when I return it.

My riding won't be too crazy, I just like to hit the local XC trails or green belt paths when I can. Can anyone help me out?

Allen 06-04-07 10:13 AM

Others will know clipless pedals better than I.
For a travel case it sounds like you are looking for something like the Ortlieb Bike Box II. It'll hold your helmet, pedals and a pedal wrench if you wish.

apclassic9 06-04-07 01:19 PM

I think the Giro Atmos comes with a hardshell pod.

CastIron 06-04-07 01:35 PM

^^ I've got that pod. Not exactly hardshell, but it works great.

apclassic9 06-04-07 04:36 PM

Salsa has one - he hit a tree & dented the Atmos on his 1st ride with it last year.... but still has the pod.

BoilermakerFan 06-04-07 08:46 PM

It looks like the Ortlieb is designed to mount on the bike. I'm looking for a case to my helmet in when I pack it in my suitcase to protect it from being damagaed or crushed by the baggage handling equipment. Will the Atmos case keep it from being crushed or is it just to keep it from being scratched?

I really don't want to have to buy a Pelican or Zero case to check my helmet in, but I usually only travel with a single bag so I could go that route if I really have too.

The pedals would be stashed in a stuff sack in the regular suitcase and the shoes would be packed in a stuff sack as well.

backinthesaddle 06-04-07 10:16 PM

I've carried helmet and pedals a couple of times and rented bikes at my destination.

Helmet: I don't use a case. I throw the helmet in my luggage and figure it's made to take some abuse. Fill it with underwear and socks so it really occupies minimal space. Besides, I have a cheap helmet, cost me $30 (Bell Solar) so it's easily replaceable.

I use Speedplay Zeroes. If you want MTB capability try Frogs. When I go to the shop I keep them in a baggie in my pocket. I get a kick from the surprise when the rental bike shop employee asks where are your pedals and I take them out of my pocket.

Allen 06-04-07 11:12 PM

Yeah, I'll about guarantee that your helmet will be fine just in your luggage. A Pelican would work great, overkill but would work fine.

geo8rge 06-05-07 06:51 AM

I saw a folding helmet some where.

As to pedals why not get really good ones and use them on your regular bike, and take them with you.

You could also get MKS QR pedals and and extra set of mounting posts.

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