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Astronomical 06-04-07 07:46 PM

ID my Peugeot?
Hi there, I was just hoping to get an Identification of my 1982-84 (Maillard Hubs labeled '83) Peugot Carbolite 103 lugless frame. There's no marking aside from Peugeot branding, "Made in France", and a 0 on the BB shell. I was trying to convert it to a fixie as the derailleur junk is failing on me and I was wondering what type of bottom bracket the shell contains. Is it English thraded or will it be the obsolete French thread?

I can post pictures if you think they'll help.

P.S. If I can't convert the BB do you think the chainline will be OK if I just pop on Pake or Sugino XD cranks and ring?

Astronomical 06-04-07 07:47 PM

Also I'm not running a suicide hub or that kind of ****, I have a wheelset on it's way and cog and lockring are right here.

Little Darwin 06-04-07 08:19 PM

The Classic & Vintage forum has some people that could answer this.

Also, Sheldon Brown's site may be helpful.

However, as I recall it gets even more convoluted as Peugeots had French, English or Swiss BBs through the years... About all I can say for sure is that it probably isn't Italian. ;)

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