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LeMansGTi 06-05-07 06:25 PM

shift levers broke, do they sell replacements??
ok, so I was out riding today and small crash (helmet paid for its self today), and well when I went down the shifter wings, broke off. so, I was wondering if they sell just the wings out there or do I need to buy a whole new shifter set-up.

now I was looking at it and it seems that there is a screw under neath and it might be something that someone can replace. makes sense as I can see it being modifiable for personal prefference.

here are a few pics, of the broken shifter on the bike. cell phone pics, ill get new ones up from the cam later.

oh, and I know that there must be a real name for what im referring to as "wings", anyone??

Mach42 06-05-07 07:25 PM

Levers. Shift levers.

LeMansGTi 06-05-07 07:34 PM

ok, thanx. um doesnt seem like the editting is working.

so, anyone know if they sell replacements?? thanx

Little Darwin 06-05-07 08:43 PM

Sounds like a good excuse to go to the LBS and find out! :D

It probably depends on the specific shifter as to availability... if they are cheap shifters, it is probably figured that you would buy new. If bette rshifters, then maybe replacements are available.

If you have a specific model for the shifters someone in the Mechanics forum could probably be definitive.

LeMansGTi 06-05-07 08:53 PM

actually, I did stop by the LBS as there is one next door to the reservoir, he was of no help to me!!

ill go get the specifics and check out the other forum.

thanx Darwin

kjmillig 06-05-07 09:23 PM

Definitely need the make of your shifters if you want to order/find just replacement levers. You can get replacement friction shifters (the whole mechanism) for as little as <$20 for low end, or >$300 on the high end for brake/shifter combos. From your photos these look like friction shifters mounted to the down tube. Sounds like you might need to find a different LBS.

apclassic9 06-06-07 09:56 AM

I have had to buy bits & pieces of Shimano XTR shifters, and, yes, you can order them through a LBS - they would need to have a catalog handy, or in some cases, call the company for a scematic of the part.

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