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gerg10 06-05-07 11:29 PM

Newbie: Scott S50 vs. Giant OCR2
So today I went and test rode a Scott Speedster S50 and a Giant OCR2. The Scott was more my price range right now at 680, but the Giant, at 900, was an amazing ride, shifter, seat, and overall feel just felt much better. So my question is are there any comparable bikes to the Giant that are a little cheaper or what time of the year will the price go down i.e. when do the new models come out. Also i was going to get a cyclo comp. helmet, 1 pair of shorts, clipless pedals and shoes and water bottles and cages. Also, mini tool, pump and tubes. Anything else i should really look for or just any general advice for a newbie.

Thanks ahead of time.


kokomo61 06-06-07 05:05 AM

If the Giant fits/rides/feels better, get it. You might be able to shop around to find a better price, but you'll forget about the price difference a month after you have the bike. If you get a bike that doesn't fit/ride/feel good, it'll remind you about that price difference every time you get on it.

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