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Valpo Hawkeye 06-06-07 08:04 PM

I'm probably a Fred, but without skillz
I have great running gear. However, with cycling... not so much. So my questions:

1) Is the only advantage to jersies decreased drag?
2) Is spandex the only way to go?
3) Are my running sunglasses safe?

ken cummings 06-06-07 08:13 PM

Jerseys can also keep you cooler or warmer. Most also have pockets in back to carry stuff.

Lots of other ways to go. I like shorts as they support me. I wear hiking shorts with a snug pair of briefs under them when all the spandex shorts are dirty or torn. Spandex tends to show off the body which is fine if you have a body worth showing off.

No problem with running glasses as long as they are comfortable and do not fall off.

Machka 06-06-07 08:13 PM

1) Jerseys give you pockets in the back in which to keep things, and they wick away moisture better than a T-shirt.

2) I actually don't know of anything in cycling clothes that is spandex. There's lycra, polyester, coolmax, lycra/poly combos, lycra/cotton combos, wool, polypro, micro-airdry® fabric, and all sorts of things.

3) I would imagine. I just wear my regular eyeglasses.

Valpo Hawkeye 06-06-07 08:36 PM

Well, all my running and basketball clothing is 'technical' wear. I'm of the belief that cotton kills. So would I look like a total troll in a not-too-baggy technical t-shirt? As for the glasses, I didn't know if they need to have some sort of shatter rating or anything.

As for "spandex" shorts (I use that term to generally apply to all tight-fitting technical apparel), I think I'd look fine, I'm in good shape and I have runner's legs, but not so emaciated looking. However, I'm a pretty modest person. I just don't like flaunting my junk around like that. Maybe once I've been riding for a while. When I first started running I wouldn't wear shorts with less than a 9" inseam. I'm finally up to a 5" inseam, but I'll never be one of those 1.5" inseam nearly-naked runners.

Machka 06-06-07 08:51 PM

In cycling, a longer inseam is often better because it reduces chafing.

Sometimes when I'm touring I'll wear regular cycling shorts (mine are usually a lycra/poly blend or a lycra/cotton blend because I'm allergic to most things nylon), with a pair of light beach shorts over them. You might consider that option.

twahl 06-06-07 09:18 PM

Jerseys are functional as mentioned, but technical wear will serve as well, minus the pockets.

Proper cycling shorts are the way to go, period. You can always carry a pair of baggies to put on if you are afraid of being seen off the bike, but you'll get over it. I need to lose some weight, and I could care less what anyone else thinks. Surely you can get over it, too. The chamois serves not only as padding, but also wicks away moisture. Your junk will thank you for it. With your cardio conditioning, you'll have to ride long for it to be effective, as you pointed out. Anything over an hour in the saddle, you're gonna want proper shorts.

Whatever glasses will be fine. I rarely wear any myself, and occasionally pay for it with a bug in the eye. I've just never been able to find any pair of glasses that don't hurt behind the ears after 15 minutes.

Buglady 06-07-07 03:15 PM

I've been cross-purposing my hiking clothing with the cycling, with the exception of the padded shorts (those really are necessary IMO!). It all works. Wicking and/or windproof are key (lots of crazy weather changes here).

StokerPoker 06-07-07 03:44 PM

ok...I've got a dumb question, but I'd be dumber not to ask. I'm not in need of the padding in cycling shorts at this point. I have a couple pairs of lycra compression shorts. Are these ok? I'm not the type to want to show my junk either, but I'll learn to deal if these are considered acceptable outerwear. I usually wear them under other shorts when I ride so as to not hurt myself on warm days ;) but it's awful warm with the extra layer

DannoXYZ 06-07-07 04:24 PM

If you don't need padding, then no need for it. I use a Flite seat on my bike that's very comfortable so I don't need much padding at all. I'll typically ride in surf-shorts or safari shorts and tennis shoes when I head downtown to play volleyball.

c_m_shooter 06-07-07 06:15 PM

I resisted trying bike shorts for awhile, but reluctantly tried them, and found out that they are great. After a week or two though, I really started to miss having pockets, so I have jerseys to go with them now.

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