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maxwell48 06-08-07 07:02 AM

Gotta love S Texas coast
5:30 AM , 89 degrees , 85% humidity , wind SSE 14 gusting to 20. Great ride to start the day!

kjmillig 06-08-07 07:35 AM

Where? 85% humidity is no fun, except that the breeze makes your sweat eveporate faster. At 8 this morning I was sweating just standing outside.

maxwell48 06-08-07 07:46 AM

Corpus Christi. Winds ave 17mph. The wind is our hills.

Japhy 06-08-07 07:55 AM

As a someone who grew up in SE Texas (Beaumont/Pt.Arthur area), I feel your pain deep in the recesses of my memory (when I was in high school football August 2-a-day practices at 95 deg with said humidity were a lot of "fun").

As someone who now lives on the West Coast in Eugene, Oregon where today it will be sunny and 75 deg F, I can only look forward to my ride. Say howdy to TX for me and save me a slice of the thick air.

skiahh 06-08-07 07:55 AM


Originally Posted by kjmillig
Gotta love the S Texas coast

No you don't! :D

kjmillig 06-08-07 05:32 PM

My neice lived in Corpus for several years, and I've lived in the Houston area for 30 of my 43 years. Corpus definitely has wind! So the heat index is often not what it is in Houston. Glad you're enjoying it.

v1k1ng1001 06-08-07 06:50 PM

jezus chr1st i hated living in Texas

my first summer at TX A&M it was 100-110 degrees and 85-95% almost every single day for a month

my nordic blood couldn't handle it so I just stayed inside and got fat

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