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Chipman 06-08-07 08:50 AM

Can I leave the Bike out in the Rain If I cover the shifters?
I have a cruiser that I am using for rehab and to lose weight. I also live in an apartment on the second level and carrying the bike up the stairway is killing my knee.
Anyway, if I put some plastic over the shifter levers so they won't rust can I leave this thing out in the truck. It usually rains about once per week here during the summer.

In other words what do I need to do to keep it rolling and working well?


noisebeam 06-08-07 09:37 AM

Can you use a tarp/plastic to cover the entire bike?
That would be better. Although humidity can and will induce rust.
Keep the drivechain clean/lubed and other moving parts well lubed to help prevent rust.

brianmcg123 06-08-07 09:46 AM

If you want it to keep rolling and working well you are going to need to get some type of plastic cover for the whole bike. I would be the least worried about the shifters and more worried about the drivetrain.

linux_author 06-08-07 09:49 AM

+1 on keeping the drivetrain lubed...

but if it's a beater for getting in shape, you'll eventually want to get rid of it when you do get in shape, and you'll end up with a lightweight piece of bling bike that will be easy to hump up the stairs...

heck, you'll probably end up looking so good, you'll then hook up with a hot-looking millionaire and will subsequently have a three-car garage with a full bike shop and stable of rides...

so my advice is to put a plastic grocery bag over the seat so your a55 doesn't get wet if you want to ride the bike right after it rains - otherwise, don't worry...


p.s. rust adds character to a well-used bike... (however, i live on a saltwater peninsula, so i use as many stainless components [chain, cable, bolts] as possible)

Chipman 06-09-07 05:45 AM

It is a mid range beater I guess, it cost about 350.00, but I am already thinking about buying up once I lose the weight.

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