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toomanywords 06-11-07 02:09 PM

Bianchi Volpe "gang green" touch-up paint?
Hello all --

Anyone have an idea where I could get some touch-up paint to match the "Gang Green" Bianchi is now using for the Volpe? I have the 2006 model, but it's the same as this color here.

Storing the bike in my building's bike room, as well as just general use, has led to some chips in the paint, and I don't want rust to become an issue. Bianchi only seems to sell touch-up in their traditional "celeste" color. If anyone has a line on this other type, please let me know.



East Hill 06-14-07 11:28 AM

Try looking through Dr. D's thread--he's happy to answer questions like this one :D .

East Hill

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