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RonH 08-29-01 02:44 PM

Red jersey
A couple of friends, cycling and non-cycling, have commented that they don't think red is a good color for cycling or commuting. They say it is like waving a red cape at a bull. It trigers something in a motorist's head that makes them more aggressive than a white or yellow jersey or T-shirt.
Any thoughts?

velocipedio 08-29-01 02:57 PM

Motorists are dumb/irresponsible/dangerous enough without having to impute any additional idiocies to them.

Chris L 08-29-01 03:09 PM

I sometimes commute in one of my Manchester United replica shirts (which, of course, are red) and I haven't really noticed any difference in their aggression levels. Of course, driver incompetence is a bigger danger than aggression in my view, and around here incompetence is in abundance.


Allister 08-29-01 04:43 PM

I've been riding all winter in a bright red fleece jumper. Haven't noticed any more aggression. Personally, I don't think they look that closely at me - I'm just a moving shape and any more detail than that is irrelevant.

cdc28p 08-30-01 12:46 AM

Originally posted by Chris L
I sometimes commute in one of my Manchester United replica shirts (which, of course, are red) and I haven't really noticed any difference in their aggression levels.

Maybe they are Man U fans as well? Try a Liverpool shirt and see how they react! ;)

bentrider 08-30-01 04:04 AM

As a cyclist I have red, blue, yellow, white , black, tan etc...jerseys and of all these colors the one I hear motorists say they can see the most of is a yellow or a lime color, white being the next visible. They say blue seems to disapear in the long distance and the same for red jerseys if cycling through dark green tree lined roads which may explain why some mortorists drive through stop signs.

I do have one yellow jersey with a large trantula spider image on the front and back which grosses people out when I go into a coffee shop. It could also be atrributed to the smell I think after being on a bike for several hours.

Try placing a big smily face on a red jersey it may cancel the susposed effect of red creating anger in some people.:p

cyclezealot 09-02-01 07:20 PM

I am about to tour Big Sur. One cyclist humorously told me- don't use a mirror. you do not want to know what is behind you. Just because you ride adjacent a 1,000 foot cliff. ?
What color jersey would you wear for on-coming traffic, when you want very much to be seen?

Chris L 09-02-01 07:33 PM

Most of Chris L's jerseys are predominantly yellow. That makes it easier to be seen in Chris L's opinion.


Pat O'Malley 09-02-01 08:45 PM

I wear only neon yellow and bright orange, the same colors that the highway depatment uses for warning signs. They know what is visible.

RainmanP 09-04-01 06:46 PM

I generally wear a yellow t-shirt for commuting because I figure it is more visible. I often wear a red one, too, without a second thought. For my morning commute which is in the dark I always wear an orange mesh vest with reflective stips. I will also wear it on overcast days or late rides home.

fubar5 09-05-01 06:33 AM

IF so I'm dead, the only jersey I have is red.

pat5319 09-09-01 07:11 PM

I use lots of colors/combinations, including red, the brighter the better. If some ***hole is "out to get you" it doesn't matter what color you wear, but the good folks can see you and stay away better if you wear something bright .

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