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ch9862 06-12-07 09:19 AM

Shoes for a teenager
I'm looking for cycling shoes for my teenage daughter - she wants to hit some trails with a bunch of friends this summer. She's reluctant to use clipless pedals, but I'm thinking SPD compatibility wouldn't hurt ;). She insists on velcro straps, which is what makes it tough - "normal looking" shoes I've seen so far have laces. She's going to be primarily riding in these (mainly off road), with very little walking.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Velo Dog 06-12-07 10:22 AM

I'm not a big clipless fan, either--I've had them on three bikes, and I can use them and I'm not afraid of them, but they don't make me any faster or stronger. For most of my riding now, both onroad and off, I use mountain bike shoes with no cleats and old-school pedals with toe clips. Gear geeks are always telling me how much faster I'll be "when you upgrade to clipless," but I've been there; I don't consider clipless necessarily an upgrade and I like to wear shoes I can walk in.
Having said all that, most people DO use clipless these days, and there's no reason she shouldn't--she'll get used to them quickly. But if she doesn't, she won't lose much, if anything, in the way of performance or efficiency.
As for shoes, since style is more important than function (I'm SO glad I don't have a teen-age girl around the house anymore), how about going to one of the mail-order bike companies' Web sites, or, and shopping by looks and price? Diadora is one brand name I've been happy with--I have three pairs of mountain shoes and two pairs of road shoes, none over $70, and they're all strong, comfortable and fairly light. I use the mountain shoes for nearly everything now, though.
Oh, FWIW, there's a HUGE selection of shoes in most of the common sizes. I wear 15 U.S, 50 or 51 Euro, so my selection is pretty limited.

apclassic9 06-12-07 11:10 AM

check nashbar & performance for shoe/pedal combos - cheapest way to go!

koine2002 06-12-07 12:21 PM

I would add to the Nashbar/Performance shoe pedal combos to check out what has. Also, on the shoes, go as cheap as possible since she'll outgrow them within a couple of months.

nakedsushi 06-12-07 12:27 PM

I got a pair of Shimano MT40's in the women's model. It's blue-ish gray, has a velcro strap at the top as well as laces, and looks like a normal shoe. SPD compatible.

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