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atomship47 06-15-07 02:13 PM

same 'ol same 'ol
riding on a country road today. i ride vc on the country roads....been squeezed off the road too many times by drivers that want to go by me even tho there are on-coming cars or there's a blind hill, curve, etc. ahead.

riding down the middle of the lane. there are 5 on-coming cars. semi behind me decides he's not going wait. goes into the other lane to pass. the on-coming cars had to pull onto the shoulder and come to a complete stop....and the truck STILL had to swerve back into our lane and cut me off to avoid hitting the cars.

then, of course, the drivers yelled at me.

CommuterRun 06-15-07 03:59 PM

The driver of the truck is a moron.

I had a mini-van pull the same stunt a couple weeks ago. Ran the on-coming car off the road. The driver of the on-coming car stood on the horn, the passenger gave the other driver the single finger salute. Then both chics in the on-coming car waved at me (all five fingers) as they got back on the road and went by.:)

Machka 06-15-07 05:53 PM

Come to Alberta ... riding on the country roads here, I get all kinds of room. :)

atomship47 06-15-07 10:22 PM

Originally Posted by Machka
Come to Alberta ... riding on the country roads here, I get all kinds of room. :)

i just got back from saskatchewan. all i kept thinking was, "man, would it be cool to ride up here!" i did see a guy loaded with racks and panniers on a cross country tour while i was there.

AlmostTrick 06-16-07 07:00 AM

I have found that a centered lane position alone is sometimes not enough to convince impatient drivers to wait behind for a few seconds. When I notice (in my mirror) a driver moving left and/or not slowing, I will issue a slow/stop signal with my left arm. Sometimes emphatically pumping it forward and back if I feel the situation is dangerous enough to warrant it. Timing is everything. If you try to do this too late it doesn't work as well.

Doing this along with moving farther left, greatly increases the level of motorist compliance. Of course I still monitor the situation and prepare to bail if necessary, but seldom have to. Once I see the way is clear I move slightly right and sometimes even signal them to pass. When they are then passing me safely I give a friendly wave. :)

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