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shokhead 07-05-03 07:28 PM

Lance's tires
Anybody know what he uses.8000 miles and 1 flat is pretty good to me.You think thats 8000 on one set?LOL

shaharidan 07-05-03 08:05 PM

probably a new set everytime he gets on the bike :).
also remember in races they dont have to ride on the shoulder where all the crap is.

Chi 07-05-03 11:25 PM

And he probably runs them at 200 psi too.

John00 07-06-03 12:26 AM

Does he run on clinchers or sew ups?

lotek 07-06-03 05:48 PM

I believe he is running Hutchison Sewups.

or at least he was last year.


chrisk 07-06-03 07:57 PM

According to his website Lance uses Hutchinson tires, clinchers for training and sewups for racing. There's also more cool stuff about him at

Hope this helps!

Rev.Chuck 07-06-03 09:32 PM

Last year he got new tires every day, the other team members every other day.
This raises an interesting statistical question, "Is a wheel that has already shown a resistance to flatting and an absence of flaws a higher or lower risk than an unproven wheel hanging in the mech trailer waiting for the glue to dry?"

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