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LegalIce 07-06-03 05:44 PM

Kind motorist check me out...
The humidity this morning was very high, not to mention the temps. I haven't ridden much in this weather lately. Anyway, about 5 miles from home I just finished climbing one of the steeper hills in the area and almost hurled...

...overheated, I I stopped and laid down in the cool grass. Eyes closed, arm over my face...I hear a few cars pass, then when I look up one couple has stopped to check on me. Very nice of them I friendly motorists do exist...

Have a great day :beer:

shaharidan 07-06-03 05:52 PM

that kind of thing always makes ya feel good :)

Chi 07-06-03 09:47 PM

I think they were more concerned about you than trying to be nice. ;)

CranialCrusader 07-06-03 10:48 PM

They were going to rob your corpse.



AquariaGuy 07-06-03 11:39 PM

Originally posted by CranialCrusader
They were going to rob your corpse.



LOL, or maybe the bike!

LegalIce 07-07-03 07:32 AM

Cute...that comment made my morning! I am sure I did look dead...:D

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