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Nobby 09-01-01 12:00 AM

First Century was a metric Century (100km/62.5miles), but a major milestone for my wife and I!! Two months ago today we started riding regularly. I was telling her about what I was finding online about how people ride well over 100 miles per day. This was so amazing to us, cuz we were struggling to get 20km done in a ride.

Anyway...5 hours 15 minutes at an average of 19.7 km/hr. Personally I wasn't real sure we could do it (before today our longest ride was 40km). The ride today was my wifes idea, I was going to wait until the end of September to try it.

We are wore plumb slap out but VERY pleased with our middle-aged ownselves!

We both ride 36lb dept store mtb's with knobby tires. Next year we get REAL bikes!

Had to share :)

cdc28p 09-01-01 12:45 AM

Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment, especially on those bicycles! :)

Chris L 09-01-01 03:13 AM

100km on department store bikes? Hey, that's pretty spanky. When you get proper bikes you will notice one hell of a difference.


velocipedio 09-01-01 07:01 AM

Wow! That is a feat! Congratulations!

There's nothing quite like pushing yourself and finding out that your limits are a LOT farther out than you shought they were.

But hie thee to a bike shop and get a proper bike for centuries, my man! Once you've done one, you're going to want to do another, and another, and a standard century and... you get the picture. If you can do 100 km on a 36 lb MTB with knobbies in just over five hours, you'll have no trouble doing the same distance in less than four on a proper road bike...

J.R. 09-01-01 08:52 AM

Hey Nobby...Congrats!! I also just completed my first metric. Last weekend at the Hotter N' Hell Ride in Wichita Falls Texas. I was feeling pretty proud till I saw you did it on mtb!! My ride is a mid 80's Raliegh road bike. My crew is now training the 100 mi. ride and the MS 150 in April (Houston to Austin). Keep it up and let us know when you get a new bike.

aerobat 09-03-01 12:09 AM

Congrats, Nobby & Mrs. Nobby! BTW I love your avatar!:D

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