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fireworks 07-04-07 09:19 PM

Bianchi's in Canada?
Hi folks,

Do dealers in Canada have the international website bikes or the US ones?

whitenorth 07-05-07 08:08 PM

US ones, Canada is being served by the US distribution company in California

fireworks 07-05-07 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by whitenorth
US ones, Canada is being served by the US distribution company in California

Really? The only place you can even find a reference to Canada is on the international site, and there isn't a listing of Canadian dealers on the US site. WTF.

What happened to Bianchi in Canada? It looks like they just pulled up stake and ran.

Anybody know know where a list of Canadian dealers is? I'd like to get a look at a Bianchi Strada.

whitenorth 07-06-07 06:39 AM

Apparently, the company that was representing Bianchi a few years ago didn't do a great job of it as cycling wasn't a focus for them. I picked mine up the last year there was an actual distribution company here in Canada. At the time, they carried the European models. Now that we are served out of the US, we have to look at whatever is carried for that market.

Try in Toronto. They do carry a few models and they actually tried sourcing something for me from Binachi US last week. I don't know of any other store that carries them. Good luck

operator 07-06-07 09:04 AM

I was just about to say that our store urbane cycle carried them but whitenorth just covered it.

AEO 07-06-07 09:28 PM

I know a few places that carry bianchi bikes and accessories.
and there's a shop that's at the north east side of Bloor and Runnymade (they have a website, but I keep forgetting to write it down.)
not much selection on bianchi's at either store though. broadway has a pista and a commuter with some accessory celeste coloured stuff, while the other has what looks to be an axis and axis frame.

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