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LittleBigMan 09-03-01 11:54 AM

Picture of Pete
This is Pete's wife Toni again. I just wanted to say thank you to all who expressed there concerns over Pete's incident. He is getting better everyday. He will have to grow a beard and mustashe for a while....this will be new for me, I've never see him with either.

I have posted a picture of him on "advocacy and safety" if you are intrested.:love:

LittleBigMan 09-03-01 02:45 PM


Originally posted by Pete Clark
This is Pete's wife Toni again... :love:
Thanks, dear! :)

(Once again, Pete Clark's family is posting to itself...) ;)

Chris L 09-03-01 03:25 PM

OK, so how many of Pete's 1527 posts are his own?

velocipedio 09-03-01 04:11 PM

Maybe, in a small way, we are all of the family of Pete... ;-)

A F Baker 09-05-01 05:21 PM

Toni, When Pete has completely healed will you please post another picture of him. If you don't, I'll have that picture of Pete in my head forever. Even many years from now when posting a response from something that Pete wrote, I'll still have that one image in my head of Pete taken two days after the accident.

It was nice to see Pete in an upright postion anyway! Thanks for the picture.

fubar5 09-05-01 05:40 PM

Yeah, a picture of Pete all better would be nice. Good idea A F Baker. How about a picture every week or two so we can see his progress?

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