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cantdrv55 07-06-07 08:54 PM

Can you recommend a bike trailer/jogging stroller combo?
Looking for something that I can tow behind my hybrid then convert to a stroller once we get to our destination. A foldable one would be ideal. Thanks.

skiahh 07-06-07 10:02 PM

I use the Chariot Cougar (1) and love it. It's an amazing trailer.

Also, good article here comparing the Chariot to the Burleys:

cantdrv55 07-07-07 12:02 AM

Great article. Thanks!

zenk0006 07-10-07 03:26 AM

I recently purchased the Chariot Corsaire XL and we love it. I did a lot of research and comparisons before purchasing this trailer. Tested the Burley D'Lite and its a great trailer too, but lacks the adjustable suspension that the Chariot trailers have. It makes a difference for the kids, especially where I live in Europe with the cobblestone. It’s also great for light off-road on improved dirt trails. I purchased the Corsaire instead of the Cougar 2 because my child can ride in it a little later in life while I'm riding a century. Also great for taking him to the outdoor markets as it can quickly be converted into a stroller with a lot of storage space. Well worth the high price.

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