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GlennT 07-08-07 08:37 AM

Race Bike Mods
Need suggestions on what to do with my 8 year old road race bike. I donít race anymore and it's just sitting in the garage gathering dust. I donít want to get rid if it and was wondering what suggestions anyone would have about modding it up. I donít really want a single speed bike but I was think about putting a strait bar on it along with some studier wheels. Itís got DuraAce STI shifters and brakes. I guess Iíll need to switch those out. Any other suggestion? More than anything else Iíd like to make the bike more comfortable and fun to ride. If this thread has already started my bad and if this should be posted in another area just let me know.


DataJunkie 07-08-07 11:45 AM

I like race bikes so take that with a grain of salt. No for the straight bars IMHO.
You could look into raising the drops to be level with the seat. That tends to make it more comfortable. I think you may need a different fork if it was cut fairly low. Maybe or maybe not.

operator 07-08-07 11:50 AM

Think hard about exactly what you want to do to the bike to make it something you want to ride. For example your straight bar mod will be expensive. You won't be able to use your STI's. Meaning you need new shifters, new brake levers and grips. Assuming you can find compatible shifters for whatever setup you have now.

Think. Then post back.

halfspeed 07-08-07 12:04 PM

I'd skip the flat bars. If it has a quill stem, replace it with a Nitto Technomic and raise the bars. You could also do a 650B conversion and put some fatter tires on it.

There are lots of possibilities.

blickblocks 07-08-07 01:50 PM

Go with a flat bar and send me your Dura-Ace shifters. :p

Seriously. I'll give you my address.

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