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Todd Richards 07-08-07 07:37 PM

did i cause this crash ???
Did I cause this crash?......

I was in the middle of the back 1/2 of the pack of on the weekly 25 mile flat pounder that is thrown by the LBS with over 60 very competitive and experienced riders. I do this ride 1/2 dozen times per year. While the pack was re-grouping after an excelleration, I purposefully let the usual perhaps 2 feet between me and the wheel I was drafting grow to perhaps 8 feet, in anticipation of the braking when the rear end of a pack catches up to the main field. The immediately to my left did not do this, and when he didn’t have time/room to brake and avoid hitting the wheel he was drafting, swerved into the empty spot that I had created… cleaning out my front wheel along the way.

I’m not at fault for this….. right?

I’ve ridden seriously for 16 years, more than a dozen with uscf, other years mostly competitive club rides with town line sprints, the oaccsional ymca time trial.. You hopefully get the idea. I’m no cat III, need to loose weight, but can climb well compared to the other clydsdales, sprint better, ride usually over 100 miles per week often with many others…..

fyi my picture to the left odid NOT occur dring this crah.... that was 3 years ago.

barba 07-08-07 07:42 PM

From your description I would say the other rider was at fault.

asgelle 07-08-07 07:52 PM

Don't run to Dad when you don't like the answer Mom gave.

DannoXYZ 07-08-07 09:31 PM

I'm getting a sense of deja-vu...

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