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Mark5356 07-08-07 09:19 PM

Help please. Trek 7.5FX or 7500
I visited my Trek dealer here and rode a 7.7FX (they did not have the 7.5) and also a 7300. The FX was very impressive, the most responsive bike I have ever ridden (maybe too responsive). For my own reference I wanted to try something a bit more upright. The 7300 was much more to my liking as for seating but riding this right after the 7.7 it felt not as responsive but I liked it. The dealer said going up to the 7500 would have some better & lighter components. I also liked the seat more than the seat on the FX. I am hoping to decide on something in the next 3 or 4 weeks. Any suggestions on bikes from Specialized, Cannondale, or Gary Fisher that would sit like the 7500 that I could compare? Or just go ahead and get the 7500.

doctortalk121 07-10-07 01:49 AM


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