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surge 07-09-07 01:24 PM

This looks very interesting, but the only mention of it on this board is in the Recumbent forum and is from 2006.

I know I need to drink more water, but since I like to keep moving as much as possible and it's hilly where I ride, I find myself skipping the frequent drinks. CamelBaks seem like the answer, but I'm concerned about the extra weight, heat, cleaning, etc.

Water bottles are easy to keep clean and this system seems like the answer.

Would this work on a regular mountain bike?
Does anyone use this on a non recumbent bike? If so, how do you manage the tube?


I just found the following:

It's $60 :eek:

About the same price as a Camelbak.

Anyone use this?

East Hill 07-11-07 06:42 AM

Interesting, but I've never seen one!

East Hill

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