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Atridox 07-09-07 07:46 PM

Cotton-like jerseys
I can not stand the feel of polyester on my neck. Anyone know of a source for jerseys that really, truly "feel like cotton?" Thanks.

Bekologist 07-09-07 08:17 PM


axelfox 07-09-07 08:43 PM

Maybe you just need a different kind of weaving pattern from the poly.

akatsuki 07-09-07 08:47 PM

You probably won't find much cotton out there. But there is a ton of technical wool products from Ibex, Smartwool, Rapha, Icebreaker, etc.... Just do searches on wool jerseys. They wick better than cotton and can be quite a bit more comfortable depending on the quality (cheap wool is scratchy)

Bekologist 07-09-07 09:24 PM

Canari has some mos' excellent wool jerseys in their lineup this summer.

thin, lightweight, wick well and no-itch. feel like cotton, 65-70 bucks retail. AND high vis colors.

this will sound odd only to those that haven't worn the modern summerweight wool clothing yet, but I pull on a lightweight Smartwool T-shirt or these Canari jerseys, and they actually have a COOLING effect.

order from your local shop that carries Canari jerseys if they don't stock the wool ones.

Velo Dog 07-09-07 09:56 PM

Cotton T-shirts, about six bucks at Mervyn's. Don't believe everything you read about soaking up sweat and making you miserable. I haven't worn polyester in about 10 years--I wear either a T-shirt or a wool jersey (I got two for half-price from Rivendell).

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