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Hobartlemagne 07-10-07 03:35 PM

Sunscreen Safety
I spotted this in my bike club's forum. Apparently many sunscreens contain cancer causing ingredients.
The Environmental Working Group did a study of over 700 sunscreens and found over 84% have the
bad ingredients. They did find 19 brands to be effective and not a health hazard.

andydreisch 07-10-07 04:03 PM

The Environmental Working Group, the group that underscored this "study", is, in my view, one of those groups that can find an OHMIGOD outcome in just about anything we consume or produce.

I love how you have to sign up first using the link above.

I wonder if they were behind the Alar scare?


Hobartlemagne 07-10-07 04:31 PM

I love how you can click "no thanks just take me to skin deep" and not sign up.

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