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MTBnOH 07-12-07 06:44 AM

What Colors are the Bike(s) you OWN?
Another color thread, but what colors are the bikes that you own?

Charcoal Metallic Schwinn Sidewinder (old bike)
Matte Silver 2005 Specialized Hardrock Sport

Stacey 07-12-07 07:16 AM

Purple & pink ~ '93 Ross MTB
Hunter green & champagne ~ '00 Schwinn Hybrid
Black ~ '90 Schwinn MTB

lebowitz 07-12-07 07:54 AM

Complimentary yellow '81 Miyata 710 and blue '89 Miyata Triplecross

DataJunkie 07-12-07 07:58 AM

Brown with a few decals in a cream color.
Red, white, and black.

Siu Blue Wind 07-12-07 08:12 AM

Silver and Black 05 Trek Navigator
Red with yellow trim 85 Trek 430
Red and Black 05 Gary Fisher Cake4 DLX
Cream 05 Kona Caldera
Blue 06 Kona Dawg Deluxe
Silver with red trim 07 Moots Compact
Burgundy 82 Nishiki Sport
Red 69 Schwinn Stingray Jr.
Green 94 GT Outpost
Yellow and Black 05 Trek 820
Blue 93 Giant Rincon
Blue 86 something or other

fuerein 07-12-07 08:15 AM

My one and only bike is red. I really don't care for red, but it was the only color the bike was in (or at least the only color in stock).

stokessd 07-12-07 08:20 AM

Red-white-blue triple fade on each tube (imron)
White pearl - flourescent Yellow - flourescent orange at the drops (sikkins)
Pink and Purple cow print with a lime green bottom bracket (with udders) (sikkins)
Blue with yellow head tube and lug cutouts. (fuji ghetto paint)


aadhils 07-12-07 08:59 AM

Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Fixed gear in Eddy Orange...

nelson249 07-12-07 10:16 AM

Mongoose -Silver,
Bianchi - Celeste (what else :) )
Surly - Forest Green
CCM 3 speed - Green

Slowguy 07-12-07 10:52 AM

Silver, silver, mustard, red, blue, red, red, copper, blue, blue, silver, blue, black, red, red, green, red, green, blue, silver, blue, silver, red, blue, red, blue, white, red, and yellow.

gfspencer 07-12-07 11:56 AM

Black Schwinn "Paperboy Bike"
Silver/gray Trek Touring Bike
Black Cannondale Road Bike
Red Specialized Mountain Bike
Silver Specialized Road Bike
Black Specialized Mountain bike
Black and Yellow Giant Road Bike

doghouse 07-12-07 12:09 PM

Opaque Blue 1973 Schwinn Super Sport
Coastal Blue and Silver 2003 Trek 7500FX
Blue 2005 Specialized Allez (converted from 8 speed sora to 9 speed 105)

Pearl Red 2003 Trek 5500

Finally got over the blues.:rolleyes:

Bikewer 07-12-07 12:13 PM

My '81 Cilo is red. My homebuilt recumbent is an interesting combination of polished aluminum and black. (goes nicely with the white "Toro" label on the mesh seat-back, which I made from a lawnmower bag.)

Raiyn 07-12-07 01:34 PM

Black and white

JanMM 07-12-07 03:42 PM

black fade to gray, gray, green

soderbiker 07-12-07 03:51 PM

matte black /Cannondale
Sparkled dark blue/Nishiki
Orange-Copper & grey / Crescent
Black /Speed Lyx
Its rusted . So rust color /Kronan

Cheers T

rando 07-12-07 03:54 PM


apclassic9 07-12-07 03:55 PM

Theoretically, the bikes belong to my sons. But I paid for them, and still pay for the upkeep, so here goes: Unused spare MTBs - 1 black, 1 silver. MTBs they Use: 1 yellow, 1 black. Road bikes: 1 grey & black, 1 blue & silver. 1 trials bike, silver.

Past bikes: white roadie, 2 red MTBs.

cynergy 07-12-07 05:31 PM

older trek mountain bike - red.
newer giant road bike - red.

this is just a coincidence. when i bought the mountain bike, i was a poor grad student and i needed reliable wheels to get me from the dorm to the campus.

when i bought my road bike last year, i bought it because it was on sale.

i like red, but i'm happy with other colors too. my first good bike (a low end raleigh sport touring bike that i got in high school) was grey and blue.

Machka 07-12-07 06:52 PM

From oldest to newest:


Mr. Beanz 07-12-07 07:08 PM

More roon

Mariner Fan 07-12-07 07:10 PM


Allen 07-12-07 07:28 PM

First to last:
Red and White tricycle
Red (Schwinn Stingray)
Brown (Western Flyer 10 speed)
Red (Trek 311)
Fuschia (Centurion Ironman)
Teal (Cannondale 3.0)
Black (Gary Fisher, still own)
Silver (used Waterford)
Blue (Giant Lite, still own)
Burgundy (Salsa La Raza, still own)
Red (Voodoo Wanga One, still own)
Multi-colored pile of parts (still own)

chephy 07-12-07 07:50 PM

Black and black. :D I also used to own a silver one (gave it to my mother). And there is a purple one that has been lying around the apartment in a partially disassembled state for over a year now and that I WILL eventually put together, I swear! As soon as I decide what I want it to be (fixie, SS, multigeared?...)

edp773 07-12-07 08:22 PM


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