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rallykid 07-12-07 08:27 PM

'07 Honda Civic Si + Saris Bones 3 = ???????
I picked up an 07 Honda Civic Si coupe a month ago and tonight did my first fit of my 10 year old and reliable as ever bones 3 rack. Here is my dilemma. The top and side straps are no problem and the rack is adjusted to clear my spoiler. However the bottom straps are kind of tricky. The only place I can find to hook them is at the edge the actual metal bumper support (which the plastic bumper cover is mounted to) and they have to hook on the sides. The car has a large plastic bellypan to protect the gas tank and enhance aerodynamics under the car so there are not a lot of places to hook. Anyone have a new model civic? Where are you hooking your lower straps. Usually if I have to use the rack it is for trips over 250 miles so I looking for something that will hold on for life on the road. Any suggestions on where to hook? A trailer hitch is not an option and neither is a roof rack.

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