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Kmax 08-05-07 10:04 AM

Truck bed bike rack
Any one have any good plans for an easy home made bike rack for a truck bed? I found some plans for a pvc version but was hoping for something just using a 2x4 or something.

Any help would be appreciated.

norsehabanero 08-05-07 10:41 AM

used a metal bar(channel) used for electrical mounting, hardware store has them along with bolts that slide into the channel for mounting then the ends i used rubber feet from load locks and i used all thread to tighten it

Velo Dog 08-05-07 11:23 AM

Bolt some fork mounts to a 2x6 cut to fit the bed. if you angle the mounts so the handlebars can overlap, you can get four in a mini-pickup.

Should be able to get them in most bike shops, maybe $15-$20 apiece.

kaiserb 08-05-07 12:02 PM

I bought a couple of fork mounts ($10 each) and a piece of 1" HSS Square stock 6' long ($12 at Home Depot). I have a Ford truck with tiedowns screwed into the inner bed. I removed the tie down brackets and spot welded them to the 1" HSS, bolted on the fork mounts and screwed the whole thing back in the bed. It works great, its cheap and is very stable.

Grand Bois 08-06-07 07:19 AM

I use a couple of $10 fork mounts from Nashbar bolted to the top of the forward bed wall.

GamecockTaco 08-06-07 08:32 AM

+1 on the fork mounts. I don't have mine on a 2x6, though, I've got them where I can tighten them into the cargo rails on my Tacoma.

Pedal Wench 08-06-07 09:37 AM

I use this: in my SUV. I like it, and the price isn't more than individual forkmounts would be.

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