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djbowen1 07-24-03 11:16 AM

Good Gel or energy bar?
I currently use Clif Shot Sonic Strawberry but knowbody stocks it and i have to orde it online. I find it at the LBS for 1.50 +tax per gel (i pay 18.99 for 24 = 18.99/24= 79 cents each) so i just can justify buying it when i run out there. I have tried GU and almost threw up it was nasty. I hate the consistency of Powerbar and the Clif Bars aren't that good either. Those Zone bars look good, has anyone tried them?:confused:

shokhead 07-24-03 11:41 AM

Your going to get all different answers because everyones taste is different.I like cliff bars.

k2bikerider 07-24-03 11:44 AM

I like the Mocha Clif Gel, and most Clif Bar flavors, Haven't tried Zone Bars yet.

DanFromDetroit 07-24-03 11:45 AM

I like Panda Bars because they are easier to chew than conventional energy bars. They are cheap too (about .59 ea). They are available at most health food stores.

On the GU thing.... I use Orange in the summer and Chocolate in the winter. TriBerry and Plain are just disgusting.


Mad Dog JR 07-24-03 11:50 AM

Hammer gel is what i like, its easy to take down and it works. dosent tast that bad to, and there are lots of different flavors.

pointyhead 07-24-03 12:07 PM

I tried a gel for the first time last weekend. I was about bonked on this one hill that's a mile from the bottom to the top. I pulled off to rest for a few minutes and grab some nutrition. I had one of the gels (PowerBar Power Gel, Strawberry/Banana)with me. I thought that it was going to be a real gel, kind of like jello, but it was more like toothpaste. The flavor wasn't bad. But I must say that it gave me a boost like I never got with any type of food. I really was impressed with how quick I got the energy back. I've had Coke on a ride before, that had the same effect, but the gel didn't upset my stomach. So, all in all, I was pleased. I plan on picking up a few more and keeping them with me on rides. Another plus is that they don't weigh a lot, or take up a bunch of room.

djbowen1 07-24-03 02:55 PM

I tried the tri-berry gu gel and it was gross.

Mad Dog JR 07-24-03 03:16 PM

the hammer gel brand is not as thick as Gu...ect. Its real thin so you can almost drink it.

Brennan 07-24-03 04:03 PM

Yeech, I don't like any of them. I just eat a Snickers bar.

moabrider47 07-24-03 06:13 PM

I can't stand the consistency and taste of most powerbar-type bars, especially in the morning (When I'm heading out for a ride) for some reason. I've tried GU gel and found that it worked, but it seemed very thick and made me real thirsty even though I immediately followed it with my energy drink mix. I tried another type of gel from my LBS, but I can't remember the brand. I believe it was strawberry banana flavor from a brand that may have been Cliff, but I'm not positive.


ChipRGW 07-25-03 05:09 AM

I tried a MOJO bar the other day. It's made by the folks over at CLIF. I was at our rest stop, and had forgot to bring a mid-ride snack. I went in the grocery store, and while looking at the bars, I just (for a second) couldn't stand the thought of a sweet "candy" bar. So I tried the "Honey Roasted Peanut" flavor MOJO. It was better than any of the other "power" type-bars. I highly recommend it. They also come in other "spicy" and "salty" flavors.

RonH 07-25-03 06:47 AM

I've tried PowerBar Power Gel and CarbBoom and like both.
I've tried several of the different brands of bars. I like some of the PowerBar flavors and some Balance Bar flavors. They work for me and don't bother my stomach.
Most of the other brands of bars I've tried either don't have much taste or taste awful.

I can only get Power Bar Gel at REI, a few bike shops, and one grocery store. I haven't been able to find CarbBoom in a long time. :crash:
Even Whole Foods doesn't have the gel. But they have every bar that's produced. Some I've never heard of. :eek:

djbowen1 07-25-03 06:54 AM

The Mojo bar is good but it's not a "Power /Energy Bar" its an after ride snack according to clif.

Dave Stohler 07-25-03 10:39 AM

Clif bars are the only ones that taste even remotely like food. I don't care if they don't give you as much nutrition, I can't stand the taste of powerbars!

Waldo 07-25-03 09:54 PM

Carboom is great. If you can't find it at your LBS, try Performance (it pains me to say that, but I'm going to have to get it there as my shop doesn't carry it)

steveK 07-25-03 11:50 PM

I've been trying Zone bars for a couple of weeks, they were on sale at Costco for 1/2 price. They are pretty good, I like the graham flavor better than the peanut butter. They have about 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. They are more of a 'meal' substitute than a pure energy bar. I still like fig bars too.

trmcgeehan 07-26-03 03:26 AM

Watching the Tour yesterday, they interviewed the guys who stand by the side of the road and hand lunch bags to the riders as they go by. Included in each bag, among other items, were fig newtons. Also included was a Coke and a power-aid type drink. There was no mention of any of the power bars. Fig Newtons are a heck of a lot cheaper than power bars, and it looks like they do the job. Incidentally, this tv feature said the riders must consume at least 6,000 calories each day, and they still lose weight. It said that later on in the day, when the riders are at the end of the stage, they drink a liquid meal of some kind. It was said that after 3-4 hours of extreme exertion, the stomach can't handle solid food. The food just sits in the stomach, and they usually throw it up.

cindy 07-26-03 09:44 AM

I am a pretty picky gu'er as well. I really like the Rasberry Sorbet Cliff Shots. As for the "GU" brand I can only handle the vanilla bean or the banana blitz.

As for bars -- the only one I like is the Power Bar~ Pria

TXCiclista 07-27-03 01:07 AM

If you go to and vote for the "Most valuable domestique" they give you a link for $5 off a 24-pack of Clif Bar Gel Shots from Performance Bike. It's like $16.99...
Actually, here's the link (but vote anyway):

TXCiclista 07-27-03 01:10 AM

It also has $2 off a 12-pack of Clif Bars

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