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lotek 07-24-03 01:19 PM

Apology to DnvrFox et al

I was trying to merge the 2 Huffy threads, and was
deleting the DO NOT Post message but somehow the
entire thread was deleted. Unfortunately it didn't go to
trash so I can't put it back.

I most humbly apologize for killing your thread
(and I even posted to it!).


DnvrFox 07-24-03 01:21 PM

Hey, I was wondering where it went!!

Well, my guess is that the world will probably recover from this catastrophe.

Have a great day, and I might even redo the poll. It was quite interesting.

dragracer 07-24-03 01:23 PM

LMAO! :D Sounds like something I would do. :D

lotek 07-24-03 01:25 PM

What's really funny is that I have 2 windows open and
that Thread is active. I can't move it or anything
but I'll see if I can save it and ask Joe if there's a way
to revive it.


Nope, can't do it, anything I try just says its an invalid
thread and to speak to your web admin.

lotek 07-24-03 02:15 PM

Ok, here's what happened:


Note: deleting this post will result in the deletion of the entire thread if this post is the first post in the thread
I merged the 2 threads together, and deleted the
first message of the original post. If I read this correctly
the merge put the 2nd post into the first one (without poll).
When I deleted the post about not posting, well, there you
go, thread gone.


MattC 07-24-03 02:19 PM

I think you just have something against Huffy's.

MsVicki 07-24-03 03:04 PM


Originally posted by MattC
I think you just have something against Huffy's.
Yeah! What do you have against Huffys?



Guest 07-24-03 03:15 PM

Lotek, we're all human now... don't you worry. Remember when I accidentally deleted 2 posts when I first started out too? To err is human... is that how it goes?

Anyways, we all know you have a beef with Huffy anyway... :lol:

The Terminator 07-24-03 04:44 PM

I can't stand a Huffy hater. God is watching you.

Guest 07-24-03 04:47 PM

And he's going to hell in a handbasket too!


Mad Dog JR 07-24-03 05:32 PM

Huffys are grea bikes...for a huffy toss! :D

Allister 07-24-03 05:40 PM


Originally posted by MsVicki
Yeah! What do you have against Huffys?

I try not to put anything against a Huffy.

Guest 07-24-03 06:07 PM

Yes, Allister... walk softly and carry a big stick....


Like Bette Midler said, "God is watching you"....


ljbike 07-24-03 07:02 PM

I resent Hufft bashers. I'll read one of your posts again. You thread Murderer!

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