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DnvrFox 07-24-03 02:49 PM

3rd Try - "Fess up - do you have a Huffy in your Family Tree?"
First two threads accidentally deleted - please vote again.

Do you have a Huffy or other *Mart/Department Store/Target, etc., bike somewhere in your hidden past.

Or, perhaps, you have one currently???

Fess up, now.

(These threads and poll were deleted in an attempt to correct my previous error)

montlake_mtbkr 07-24-03 03:04 PM

I had a murray bmx when I was 10. I think that's on par with huffy

Mad Dog JR 07-24-03 03:09 PM

Nope, never have. When i was a kid my father owned a Ski/Bike shop so i never had the juxury of a huffy :P

khuon 07-24-03 03:10 PM

Before I was earning my own income, my parents bought me my bikes and as such I shared my youth with bikes from Columbia, Roadmaster and Huffy. I can say two positive things about them:

[1] I learned the importance (and sometimes difficulty) of maintenance and upkeep of my equipment.

[2] I learned to appreciate the advantages of higher quality components.

The first bike I actually purchased with my own money was a 1987 Specialized HardRock.

caloso 07-24-03 03:34 PM

I had two from Sears: a bmx and then a Free Spirit ten-speed. Great kid's bikes.

Chuvak 07-24-03 03:44 PM

Thankfully I never had any. But once came close to buying one.

bikeCOLORADO 07-24-03 03:49 PM

Murray branded Target Mountain Bike.

Rode (nowhere NEAR a trail) it a few times back in 94/95 before giving it to a homeless person.

MattC 07-24-03 03:53 PM

I had an old Sears BMX as a kid.

k2bikerider 07-24-03 04:04 PM

My father rebuilt a old Sears Womans 10 speed, and welded a bar to make it resemble a mens bike. He did a professional job as he used to do this kind of thing as a hobby.. It got me started riding a road bike... I received this bike when I was 11 years old, rode it for 3 years, bought a Schwinn Prelude from a LBS. Now I ride a 2002 K2Mod 4 . So that old dept store bike got me started.. was over 20 yrs ago..

goose 07-24-03 04:15 PM

I have a Huffy (well, what's left of one) in the bed of my truck right now. I am in the process of "relieving it" of the cables and bearings and a few other things before it hits the grave yard. When you are poor, you learn to improvise.

bezzo 07-24-03 04:40 PM

Rode many miles on a Huffy Santa Fe 10 speed in the early to mid 80s.

SteveE 07-24-03 04:43 PM


Does my Serotta count? The old 7-Eleven team rode Serottas re-badged as "Huffy".

hillyman 07-24-03 04:55 PM

I delivered alot of newspapers on a Huffy single speed in my youth. I put a heavier grade 'gooseneck' on it with highrise handlebars and hooks for the paperbag. The headlight that was mounted on the toptube didn't last a day but the bike went through hell for years.
Then a Huffy mountainbike got me back into cycling as an adult so Huffys A OK with me

lotek 07-24-03 05:41 PM

I never had a Huffy, but I did have a Columbia,
red and white and too big for me. I learned to ride
on that one.
Seeing as I deleted the other 2 threads I guess
I have to get a huffy as penance.
(lotek mumbling to himself) Hmmmn wonder
if I can get one of those Serottas rebadged as Huffy?
hey wait, I have a Serotta, I can repaint it. . . I know
what those 7-11 team bikes looked like. . . yeah
that will work!


ljbike 07-24-03 07:08 PM

My first touring/commuting/everyday bike was a Huffy 15 speed. Rode it for several years and put many many almost trouble free miles on it.

joeprim 07-24-03 07:15 PM

I am riding the Moxie MTB that I got ~ 6 years ago in addition to my old green Sental Horizon. I think yo'all consider it an x-mart type.


joeprim 07-24-03 07:25 PM

Sorry it's Motive


tFUnK 07-25-03 12:49 AM

first bike was a pink girls bike (from salvation army, we were poor) second bike was a huffy bmx when i was 8 or 9 (10 bucks used). got my giant boulder when i was 12 (200 bucks at bike shop).

F1_Fan 07-25-03 01:34 AM


Originally posted by SteveE

Does my Serotta count? The old 7-Eleven team rode Serottas re-badged as "Huffy".

I owned one of those... purchased from Alex Stedia. Got some pretty weird looks from people who didn't get the 7-11 connection. It did attract some attention when I went down to the US for some racing.

Swimjim 07-25-03 05:33 AM

I have a Huffy "Blade" Mountain bike gathering dust out in the shop. When used for what it is designed(?) it breaks everytime. It will not handle off roading period. I will occasionally clean it up and ride it in winter when there is ice on the roads or road salt for that matter, just to keep the old body in tune.
I ride a KLEIN Quantum the rest of the year and its real hard to go back to the Huffy.


peloton 07-25-03 05:43 AM

When I lived in Canada when I was young, I had a CCM Targa, does that count?

Walter 07-25-03 05:46 AM

Parents bought me a "musclebike" in the very early 70s called a "Cheater Slick" which I'm pretty sure was a Huffy derivative. Cool bike though; yellow/black with a banana seat. A little later I appropriated my father's bike, a Huffy version of the English 3 speed, to deliver an afternoon paper route.

The 3 speed was a Sturmey Archer hub and it worked pretty well. The Huffy built frontwheel eventually tacoed. I think I tried to convert the musclebike into a BMXer when that became popular. Not sure what happened to it, think parents eventually got rid of what was left of it.

kobyj 07-25-03 07:29 AM

My commuter bike is a 10-speed huffy road bike, if you could call it a road bike. It has the 1 3/8 inch wide slicks for tires and weighs in at over 40lbs when empty. I like it for the training. When I switch to my Cannondale road bike, I feel like I'm incredibly fast.

I also have a mountain bike from Walmart. I bought it for getting around campus a few years ago. In fact, in the 3 years I've owned it, I have only had to replace the bottom bracket and the rubber for the rear tire. The bike gets ridden in sun, rain, snow, ice, etc. It is stored outside and never gets cleaned. The chain and rims are still holding up and there isn't much rust.

lotek 07-25-03 08:42 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is a picture of a new Serotta in full Huffy dress.
This is a Csi, not the bikes that were ridden by 7-11

Denver, does this count as a huffy?


aluckyfiji 07-25-03 09:18 AM

I had a Huffy BMX (parents bought for me) when I was about 10. I think that is what turned me away from chrome finshes. This bike was chrome finsh with black and white checkered saddle and the pad covers (you know the ones for the top tube and handle bars), but the chrome finish was scratched off within a year. (the bike was never stored outside, just had many runins with tree and logs as part of the BMX trail that was made in two empty lots) after this bike (several years later), it was off to a trek mountain bike, but never again will I own a bike that is chrome...

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